1. Excellent mothering ability with up to 180% lambs weaned in the commercial situation.
  2. Coopworth ewes are attentive & protective mothers, with high milk production, good udder and teat conformation. They have been known to fend off foxes to protect their lambs.
  3. Lean carcases in the 19-25 kg range, which are ideally suited to modern lamb cuts and future sales to the United States.
  4. Highly suitable for the ram lamb trade - ewes won't come into oestrous early in the season so that they and their lambs will not get into lamb to the entire male lambs.
  5. Lamb growth rates to weaning of 300 to 400 grams per day are achieveable.
  6. The Lambplan genetic assessment program includes measurement for eye muscle depth and fat cover.
  7. Surplus hoggets command premium prices from the prime lamb breeders whether they are to be mated to Coopworth rams or terminal sires.
  8. Self-replacing means that the dangers for purchasing footrot, lice or worm resistance with your prime lamb ewe replacements is eliminated.
  9. Ewes cut about 5 kg of 32-35 micron wool which can be sold by either auction or privately. Bright, white, soft lustre wool of exceptional dying qualities, ideal for home spinning and commercial use.
  10. Death rates of lambs born have been recorded at less than 8% under most bitter August lambing conditions. (Australian conditions).