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Coopworth Genetics - the very best

Once a month Lambplan publishes a list of the top sires in Australia on the website.

In the maternal genetics field, the top 150 Coopworth sires, the top 150 Border Leicester sires and the top 150 Maternal sires are listed, the last mentioned being the best 150 overall maternal sires, be they Coopworth, Border Leicester or one of the many varieties of composite sires.

The recent “run” of the best 150 overall Maternal Sires certainly shows Coopworths in a dominant role.

The top 150 rams comprises 106 Coopworths and Coopworth Composites.

These Coopworth Composites are mainly 50 to 60% Coopworth genetics.

There are 29 Border Leicesters and 15 assorted Composites of varied genetic concoctions.

The top 30 sires are all Coopworths and Coopworth Composites ie the first three pages as the list runs to fifteen pages with the information on ten rams on each page.

The Coopworth Composites bred by John Keiller and Don Pegler totally dominate which is due to their excellent selection policies over twenty plus years plus the force of numbers.

On a percentage basis, Coopworth genetics make up 71% of the top 150 Maternal sires in Australia, Border Leicesters 19% and assorted Composites 10%.

It is a great pity that so few lamb producers are unaware of such information compiled by a totally unbiased organisation.

Many know all the information about the expected performance of the machinery they purchase, but are totally oblivious to the fact that there are young maternal sires available with performance information attached.

Index was 117 for 2013 born rams in September last year.

For 2014 born rams the Index is now 120.

Another lift above the sale rams of last year.

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