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The Latest SIL Sires List

The latest Sheep Improvement Limited sires list was posted on the New Zealand Coopworth website after the two rams for semen collection had been selected.

This is based on a combination of traits and indexes making up a Dual Purpose combined figure for rankings.

MNCC 407 came 7th overall on the list 807 sires whereas Kaahu 95 came 11th on this list.

This is quite a good result as more information from their progeny will have altered their overall placing and made them more accurate.

The best placings for both rams is in the area of lamb growth. MNCC 407 came came 3rd in the Lamb Growth Index ranking out of the 807 sires, whereas Kaahu 95 came 6th.

This lamb growth index seems very complicated. Not too bad when it is well computerised.

It is 136 x Weaning Weight Breeding Value + 121 x Maternal Weight Breeding Value (in other words, milk) + 374 x Carcase Weight.

Kaahu 95 has the better meat yield of the two rams but we will see how that pans out when their Australian progeny are tested for muscle and fat and their breeding values produced by Lambplan.


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