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We registered Three Oaks Coopworth Stud in 2014 to supply rams to Coopworth breeders that are pure and true to type for an expanding sheep breeding area. In 2003 a line of (120) eight year old ewes were purchased from a quality commercial breeder who had been sourcing genetics from Patanga Park, Barakee and Clifton Hill bloodlines for over 15 years. The founding ewes were identified as the most fecundate ewes from the Three Oaks commercial ewe flock.

These founding ewes had a history of being given the opportunity to lamb at 12-13 months of age. From then on any empties, assisted births, poor doers, bad temperament and worm affected ewes were culled. The older age groups that were the proven performers, were the basis for the ewe lambs retained. The resulting flock is low maintenance, moderate size, highly fertile, worm tolerant, efficient grass converting ewes with good fleece weights and longevity, and wonderful temperament. They also have the ability to recover from testing climatic conditions at a rapid rate.

Lamb survivability is at the forefront in the Three Oaks operation. It all starts with the ewes being well structured with fine shoulders, large gut capacity and width of thurl, providing ewes that have the doing ability to produce healthy lambs and then deliver them unhindered. Three Oaks ewes are being bred for larger pelvic openings eliminating dystocia. From there, lamb robustness is the key. Lambs must be tolerant to cold, quick to their feet and bold. Lambs from poorer doing ewes, and lambs that are slow to “get up and go” are not retained for breeding.

The current ewes are bred from Clifton Hill Rams and joined back to rams of Clifton Hill breeding. They are very predictable in how they will breed. This has become even more apparent since starting the stud and the collection of data has been analysed. Scanning results are consistently high, birth weights very even and lamb survival rates are wonderfully high.

We are fortunate to have been able to secure a collection of genetics that perform in our stud and commercial operation that suit our goals. These genetics will hold us in good stead heading into the future, where “true to type” stud sires are becoming harder and harder to find.

At Three Oaks, we do place a very high emphasis on the physical aspects of our breeding ewes, and we will use EBV’s to monitor and correct important genetic traits. We breed moderate sized, efficient ewes that are “true, tried and tested” sheep and have the ability to perform on grass - a valuable economic trait.

Ben Hatch

Hooke Road, ATHLONE, VIC 3818
Ph: 0428 599 237

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